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"I must say it is rare in today’s market place that a product meets expectations let alone exceeds expectations but I must say the Pro Putt System has exceeded my expectations." -Sam, Virginia
"The construction is top notch. The speed, bounce, and overall quality of the surface is so realistic. It truly makes you feel as if you were on a country club green!" -Jenny, North Carolina
"I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the putting green I received from Pro Putt Systems ...easy to install and incredibly high quality. Thanks for a great product." -Marty M, North Carolina
"The Pro Putt Systems product is as true and real-life as we’ve seen for an indoor green ...we could not be more pleased with the product for our short game instruction." -Joe Batis and John PLatt, PGA - Illinois
"…the green is simply terrific, I could not be happier with looks, quality and playability. It is a really great product, kudos." -Bill, - Idaho
"I cannot say enough about the quality of the green I purchased from Pro Putt Systems ...the roll and the speed is is exactly what I had hoped for and more." -Bruce R - Colorado
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"I've been a Pro Putt Systems customer since 2012. After 26 years on tour, I've only seen a handful of tools that I could tell every fellow tour player they absolutely need, a Pro Putt Systems green is one of those tools. If you are serious about your game, you owe it to yourself to Putt Like A Pro!" Jerry Kelly

Top PGA Teaching Professionals, NCAA Golf Programs and Touring Professionals Trust Pro Putt Systems

Pro Putt Systems indoor putting greens are built from the highest quality materials here in the USA. These putting greens are fully portable and can easily be moved outdoor in the summer months and back inside for the winter. Our turf is the choice of many PGA Tour Players and Golf Professionals. Our top-rated indoor putting greens are available pre-packaged, with numerous designs to choose from or you can choose to design your own custom indoor putting green both of which will arrive at your door step ready to assemble.