SALE! Multi Surface Chipping Pad


This is the most versatile and most realistic chipping experience anywhere in the indoor golf industry. 

This product is rated for years of INDOOR or OUTDOOR use!

Half – First Cut Rough Material 

This specially engineered, 1.5-inch thick, chipping turf is specifically designed to grab the clubhead on miss-hits. It is woven with a firm, thick layer of “thatch” below the surface which provides true bounce and feel. Good players rave about this stuff!

Unlike other chipping mat material this turf will not allow the clubhead to move freely through the grass on fat chips.

The turf grain lays against your club head for true club grab. If you miss-hit the shot, it will let you know!

Half – Professional Tee Line Fairway Material

This turf is 1 inch thick and is designed to act like fairway or tight fringe lies. The bounce and feel is top-notch, it is incredibly durable and this piece of turf can be brought outside and used for long pitch and short iron shots in the yard or into a net.

The Circle Chipping Base System measures 4′ in diameter and matches our top-quality indoor greens perfectly.



4′ diameter

Suggested Use

Indoor / Outdoor

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