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Dr. Gio Valiante: Why Golfers Don’t Play to Their Potential

Golf to Your Potential

Author of the book: Fearless Golf, Dr. Gio Valiante is described by Davis Love III as: “The next superstar in sports psychology.” Dr. Gio made some very interesting and important comments on Golf Channel’s Morning Drive, when asked why he thought Rory McIlroy missed the cut at the PGA Championship and simply has not been playing up to his potential. (this isn’t about Rory, its about You) Listen to Dr. Gio as he explains why most golfers do not play up to their potential. Shop our selection of Putting Greens At Pro Putt Systems we are in love with the process of practicing…

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7 Putting Drills – Speed Control and Short Putt Consistency

Indoor Putting Drills

Putting Drills, they sound so boring, so mundane, that most people don’t do them to improve their putting stroke. Well, the fact is, if you’re not doing putting drills, you are costing yourself shots. Everybody knows that golf is more enjoyable when you play better and score better. People that are serious about their golf game are always trying to break some scoring mark or move their handicap index to a lower number, maybe you just want to beat a long time nemesis (aka golf buddy). Putting drills are the quickest way to minimize those annoying misses and most importantly; putting drills will…

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Indoor Putting Green Design

Indoor Green Designs

So, you know you want a putting green for your home, golf team, putting studio or office. But, our standard models don’t quite fit your space perfectly. Well, we want your green to be perfect so, we’re here to help you get what you want. We put a lot of thought into our standard models, they’re designed to be short game practice machines. We’ve listened to our customers through the years and in many cases the standard models work well. But, you may not know that over 60% of the greens we ship have some level of customization. Want to add or remove a hole? No…

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Which True Strike Do I Need?

True Strike Golf Mats

The most common questions we get in regard to True Strike is: Which True Strike Mat do I need? In case you’re not familiar with True Strike Golf Mats, lets first give you  a quick rundown on what a True Strike mat is and how it differs from other golf mats. The secret is a gel bag integrated into the hitting area where you’d hit all of your iron shots from. You never see it because it is built into the mat and underneath a very tough, woven strike surface. Most turf is “tufted” but this strike surface is “woven” so…

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College Indoor Golf Facilities – Now a Necessity

Recent Project Henderson State University

As I write this it’s 29 degrees outside and needless to say, there won’t be any golf played in the Northern US today. Or will there? If you’re a student athlete at a school where the Athletic Director has had the foresight to build an indoor practice facility, there sure will be golf played today, or practiced at the very least. College Financing Available – Learn More Colleges and Universities around the Northern United States are aggressively building indoor practice facilities which are proving to keep their golf teams sharp and keep their spring scores lower than ever. Recruiting Top…

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