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COVID-19 Prevention and Preparedness

COVID-19 Update

This message will be updated as often as possible. UPDATE: 7-14-2020 After months of irregular supply chain issues, we are up and running at full tilt. Standard Model Greens will turn in under 16 days. True Strike is due back in stock for Mid September. Backyard DIY and Custom Indoor Greens are IN VERY HIGH DEMAND AND WILL TURN IN 35-40 days. Shop Putting Greens Here TRUE STRIKE GOLF MATS Custom Putting Greens Backyard DIY Greens Here UPDATE: 3:15 PM 4-16-2020 Our turn time has grown to approx 12-14 days from order to ship for Standard Model Putting Greens. True…

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Racquetball Court Conversions

Racquetball court putting green

Converting a racquetball court to a putting green and shortgame practice area has become one of the most popular requests we get from college coaches and country club pros. The regulation size of a racquetball court is 20′ wide x 40′ long. This size is perfect for any type of indoor golf application. Some simply want to putt and chip like the court at Marshall University shown below. This green has plenty of undulation, inlay chipping areas with 3 lies, it is elevated on base panels so the ball drops into the cups and has a spot for practicing flat putts….

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Tour Tips: Find Your Stroke at Home and Hone It on the Course

Find Your Putting Stroke

I live in Wisconsin where we have long winters and a shorter golf season than most of the country. My coach and I learned a long time ago that in order to sustain a career as a PGA Tour Player, I would need to find ways to effectively practice at home, during the off-season and during my off-time spent at home with my family. Over the last 20+ years on Tour, I have spent countless hours using indoor golf as a vital tool to keep my game sharp and work on mechanics from the full swing all the way down…

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Dr. Gio Valiante: Why Golfers Don’t Play to Their Potential

Golf to Your Potential

Author of the book: Fearless Golf, Dr. Gio Valiante is described by Davis Love III as: “The next superstar in sports psychology.” Dr. Gio made some very interesting and important comments on Golf Channel’s Morning Drive, when asked why he thought Rory McIlroy missed the cut at the PGA Championship and simply has not been playing up to his potential. (this isn’t about Rory, its about You) Listen to Dr. Gio as he explains why most golfers do not play up to their potential. Shop our selection of Putting Greens At Pro Putt Systems we are in love with the process of practicing…

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7 Putting Drills – Speed Control and Short Putt Consistency

Indoor Putting Drills

Putting Drills, they sound so boring, so mundane, that most people don’t do them to improve their putting stroke. Well, the fact is, if you’re not doing putting drills, you are costing yourself shots. Everybody knows that golf is more enjoyable when you play better and score better. People that are serious about their golf game are always trying to break some scoring mark or move their handicap index to a lower number, maybe you just want to beat a long time nemesis (aka golf buddy). Putting drills are the quickest way to minimize those annoying misses and most importantly; putting drills will…

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