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Delivering Excellence

In today’s world it has become common to order something online, wait weeks to get it and once you do receive it, you’re fully disappointed.

Poor quality, lack of advertised functionality and poor service has become the norm.

A few years ago we developed the idea of Pro Putt Systems, we launched the brand in a garage in North Carolina. We had no warehouse, no team members, no trucks, no turf cutting equipment, no design team, no PGA Pro’s on staff and no install crews. We didn’t even have a UPS account.

But, the idea was simple, high quality putting greens and short game training equipment delivered in a timely manner and once you receive the green, you’re not just happy, you’re blown away with the quality.

We wanted to develop a brand that wasn’t as good as the website states, it was better.

A Special Customer

ppslogoWe knew we needed to attract, service and keep happy a very special customer. We knew we had to become students of short game practice in order to understand that customer. We knew we couldn’t just throw some shapes together, we would need to test everything. So we did.

We knew we had to be special inside a very particular marketplace.

The world of indoor golf wasn’t the business it is today, the economy was in shambles, golf was supposedly in a state of massive decline and golf courses were closing everywhere.

Simulators were something that only the very wealthy could consider and the idea of playing golf indoors was still a very new concept.

As a matter of fact, everyone we talked to about our business plan, told us it would never work. “People want cheap and inexpensive, people just want toys.” Really? “You can’t put high grade turf on these panels, people aren’t willing to pay for quality anymore, that’s why everything’s made in China now.”

This is what we heard. We didn’t listen.

Years went by and the customer list grew. We began to realize something; the core of golf was sticking with the game and we began to realize the core golfer, the real golf nut, was still just as nuts about the game as we are. Further, there was a burning desire to get better.

Answer Your Phone and Respond to Emails

As simple as communicating is these days, we’re amazed when we hear “Thanks for taking time to speak with me, you’re the only company that called me back.”

The fact is these companies are scared to answer the phone because they’d have to answer questions, tough questions, in many cases, they don’t have answers.

Well, here at Pro Putt Systems we answer our phones and we respond to emails.

At Pro Putt Systems, we concentrate on a simple concept, it’s what we call: Delivering Excellence

Two words that are so simple, yet mean so much to our company.

Our goal is simple. Excellence must be delivered from the initial contact, to design, to production, to your little slice of golf heaven.

Whether we’re installing a golf practice facility at your college, a golf room in your home, or we’re shipping you a green for you to set up yourself, maybe we’re shipping you a simple chipping pad, you can rest assured that we will always be committed to that very simple principle: Delivering Excellence

We know that you expect excellence and we plan on delivering it to you, each and every time.

Be well, putt better. Here are a few fine organizations who agree with our principles: