Pro Putt Systems can manage your Tee Line Installation or supply your Tee Line Materials. The days of throwing down 5×5 range mats on a concrete slab are over. Traditional range mats scare customers away, they are not realistic and to be honest, they are downright dangerous.

Tee Line InstallTop college golf programs, private clubs, major golf teaching facilities and high end driving ranges are learning the truth about better shot feedback and player injury prevention.

We are committed to better performance – a Professional Grade Tee Line Installation featuring UltraBaseSystems is our next step in providing you with best of breed products and services.

A few of the benefits include:

– Durable and stable hitting surface

– Professional grade ball striking performance

– Turf holds a real tee for better tee ball practice

– Control over vertical and horizontal drainage

– Increased economic life of hitting surface

– Minimized risk of player injury

– No need to pour a concrete slab

Advances in base panel technology will allow you to upgrade your driving range to the latest, cutting edge hitting performance.

Dead Spots and Hard to Grow Areas

In many circumstances high shade areas or areas with poor drainage are problem spots and a tee line installation is now necessary.

Outings and Group Clinics

What about golf outings and clinics? Does your membership complain that clinics and outing groups destroy the grass on your range?

Installing  a strip of tee line in the back of the range can save you some serious headaches. Smaller ranges will benefit by allowing additional healing time for your natural hitting surface.

We Install Your Tee Line

We have well trained, efficient installation crews available up and down the East Coast who can travel to professionally install your tee line. Your investment will vary based on the size of your project and site prep needed.

Pro Install Investment – $19 to $28 per square foot

Tee Line Install Graphic

Your Grounds Staff Installs

We can spec all the materials your grounds crew will need to install your tee line quickly and without hassle. In this case, we will ship all materials to your location and your crew can follow the simple installation guide.

Investment – $10 to $12 per ft2 (tee line turf only + ship)

Investment – $17 to $22 per ft2 (tee line and base system + ship)

driving range tee line

Optimal Tee Line Installation Widths

In order to maximize your investment and minimize waste, here are a couple of suggestions.

Suggested widths when utilizing UBS Base – 56″ (4′ 8″)   or   70″ (5′ 10″)

Suggested widths without UBS Base – 60″ (5′ 0″)   or   72″ (6′ 0″)

In any case, the length of your tee line can run 300′ or more.

How Does it Work?

  1. Organic material is stripped from the area
  2. A thin layer of stone dust is compacted and graded
  3. GeoTextile fabric is laid to control drainage
  4. UBS Base System is laid out and interlocked in place
  5. Tee Line Turf is cut and attached to the base system w stainless steal staples

Latest Tee Line Technology

Tee Line Install Graphic

Do I Need the Base Systems?

No, it is not completely necessary. The tee line turf will perform well very well without the base system. However, it has been proven that the small investment up front in UBS Base Technology will extend the economic life of the tee line hitting surface, maximize performance and minimize drainage issues.

Commercial Grade Tee Line

Pro Putt Systems can install driving range tee line within the shaded area of the US Map below. We can ship anywhere in the US and Canada for self installed tee line projects.

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