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Standard Model Putting Greens will ship within 6-10 business days for the rest of 2023. November and December are our peak seasons, greens will ship at the outer end of that range. ORDERS WILL SHIP IN THE SEQUENCE THEY ARE RECEIVED.

All Standard Greens, 8′ wide or less are shipped via UPS and will be delivered to your door by UPS. Any green with a Putting Turf Width greater than 8′ will ship via FREIGHT.

Greens that are 10′ in width can take 3 weeks to arrive due to freight speed.

Custom Greens will take 48-52 days from order to shipping.

Shipping transit times (weekdays – not including production time):
East Coast – 4 to 6 days
Mid-West – 4 to 6 days
Mountain – 6 to 7 days
West Coast – 7 to 9 days

2023 Christmas Cut-Off Dates (to be safe)

PLEASE NOTE – these are cut-off dates, they are not guaranteed. To ensure the timely arrival of your products, please order well in advance for arrival in time for Holiday gifting.

If you have an emergency, please contact us for a rush request! We may be able to help.

Pacific Time Zone: Dec 5th, 2023
Mountain Time Zone: Dec 7th, 2023
Central Time Zone: Dec 8th, 2023
Eastern Time Zone: Dec 8th, 2023

Would PING choose our turf for their VIP putting Lab, if it wasn’t the best? Would Odyssey have chosen our turf for their Putter Performance Lab? Or, USGA, USC, Princeton, Virginia Tech, Dayton, West Virginia, U of Rochester, Saginaw Valley State, Baltusrol, Oakmont Golf Center, Jerry Kelly, Chris Kirk, Colin Montgomerie, Ryan Moore or Titleist? Pro Putt Systems has been building artificial putting greens for over ten years for some of the Top Names in golf. PPS TourPutt Ultimate is by far, hands down, the best putting turf in the synthetic putting world. A fortune has been spent developing TourPutt, the turf we use here at Pro Putt and there is simply no way to really know the difference until you experience the best indoor putting greens. There are virtually no similarities to PPS TourPutt and the turf you may be used to or the turf carpet you play on at the mini-golf course. This turf offers the very best roll and the very best reaction to short game practice shots. This putting turf requires higher quality materials, takes longer to manufacture and requires MORE materials to make a square yard than any of our competition. You can see the quality in this turf right here in this close up picture: [caption id="attachment_697" align="aligncenter" width="486"]Best Indoor Putting Carpet Pro Putt Turf – Magnified[/caption]
The turf speed runs in the mid to high 10's on a USGA Stimp Meter. These speeds will be achieved and consistently held when the turf is conditioned to your environment (approx. 6-8 days).
NO, unlike our competitors, the base panels are molded from High Quality Polymer which allows for support of hundreds of pounds per square inch. Once the panels are locked together with the molded, interlocking teeth, the platform is a free standing unit. You can add break as you wish and then remove the break to go back to dead perfect flat. They are not hollow either, they are engineered with a honeycomb structure on the under side. Dead perfect flat is the key, these greens will not “river” over time, where you walk, like our competitors. You can drive a car on our panels! I’d like to see the foam guys do this.  Each panel weighs over 8lbs!  There are foam knock offs, which are endorsed by a prominent name as a matter of fact, that are only warrantied for 1 year. Check the fine print when making your decision.
Please visit here to order a green shipped to Europe.
Yes, we install fully customized golf rooms at residences, commercial facilities, colleges and golf clubs in the Eastern United States. You can turn your home into a golf practice dream come true. We also offer special pricing for colleges with golf teams who are seeking to bring their practice indoor during the winter months. We also assist in the design and layout to be sure you’re getting the absolute best practice out of your square footage. We have experience installing everything from golf room putting greens, hitting nets, chipping areas, full golf studios and simulator packages. We have full time crews who will travel to your location and turn your indoor golf dreams into a reality!

Chipping Pads measure a circle 48 inches in diameter, plenty of room to stand at the same level as the green and hit a variety of chip and pitch shots to your putting green. When added to any putting green purchase they are discounted to $394!

If you want to order a Chipping Pad Only (no green), the price is $449 when ordered alone. Please fill out one of the contact forms on the site and put “Chipping Pad” in the subject line. We will be in touch with a Buy Now button.

But, if you want a chipping pad delivered with your putting green the price is only $394 (shipping included). When you “Check Out” you will see the discounted chipping pad available in both the Shopping Cart and in the Check Out pages.

We also have a new chipping pad which is only $169 w free shipping.

The chipping pads are made from a special fringe material and commercial grade tee line material, very similar to the “Apron” of a Putting Green at your course. Visit Here for Information about our Multi-Surface Chipping Pads.

TourLinksLogo Base PanelWe use an interlocking, and simple to install, base system called Tour Links. These Tour Links base panels are incredibly durable and will work indoor or outdoor. You will not need a single tool to install our standard models. Indoor Putting Green Structure The base panels come in various geometric shapes and sizes but the main size is a panel that measures 22.75” x 22.75” square of usable surface area. These brilliantly designed base panels are exactly 2 inches off the ground where the putting turf sits and there is a lip around the edges that will add an additional inch to keep the ball from rolling all over the place. [caption id="attachment_698" align="aligncenter" width="412"]Pro Putt Base System Tour Links – Putting Green Base Panels[/caption] You can opt to have the 1 inch lip or you can opt to have fringe, discussed later. These base panels lift the entire putting surface off the ground and the turf offers an additional .625’ or 5/8ths of an inch. The cups are build right into the putting surface and the base + turf create a drop into the cup of at least 2.625 inches. [caption id="attachment_719" align="aligncenter" width="491"]How to build an indoor putting green Base Panel Close Up[/caption] Pro Putt Systems is the only company offering a pre-packaged green made from thebest putting turf in the world and the best base in the world.
Online and Downloadable Putting Green Installation Guide – HERE The Tour Links base system fits together like a puzzle and is very difficult to get wrong. The turf will roll out like a beautiful new carpet. Broom sweep any fibers that may be on the surface or even vacuum. You’ll be ready to putt in about 20-25 minutes. These are true do it yourself putting greens. When you order you will receive a link to the set up guide on our website which shows the exact set up of your model putting green. Custom greens may take a little while longer but we will supply a design sheet that we use to set the green up prior to leaving our shop.
Our putting turf can withstand heat of up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit and can withstand incredibly low temperatures through multiple winters. Remember this putting turf is designed to be used outdoors in any environment. We have gone back and putted on greens that were installed 9 – 10 years ago and they still roll fine. Mirage International Turf 10 Year Warranty (1426)
Yes, these are fully portable putting greens. You can set up the putting green in your home and then take it apart in just a few minutes. This is absolutely key for businesses that need to transport the putting greens to trade shows or people who want to move their putting greens indoor in the summer and outdoors in the summer. The green will come in heavy duty, double corrugated boxes with handles for easy storage. 
Yes, simply purchase the Easy Breaks and Undulations Kit at the time of purchase and you can create all sorts of awesome breaking putts!
[caption id="attachment_722" align="alignleft" width="157"]Pro Grade Indoor Putting Turf Ricky Barnes
Practices With It[/caption] Our greens offer real meaningful putting practice. They will simulate Bent Grass greens in almost every way, without the maintenance. They take chip shots just like the real thing, the grass is designed so the ball actually checks up on chip shots. The putting roll is simply perfect. The actual cup is .25″ smaller than regulation, a regulation cup is 4.25″ in diameter. Our cups are 4″, in order to maximize you practice sessions. If it was junk, Professional Tour Players like Colin Montgomerie, Ricky Barnes and Ryan Moore (numerous others we’re not allowed to mention because, they’ll expect a check) certainly wouldn’t choose it. Neither would colleges like USC, or equipment companies like PING, Titleist, Callaway or Puma .  
No, custom doesn’t mean outrageously expensive at Pro Putt Systems. In most casescustom greens will run very similar to our pre-packaged greens in terms of cost per square foot. Custom Putting Greens for Your Home Obviously, very unique designs and cuts will cost a slight bit more. Large greens that need to be shipped long distances can run a slight bit higher to cover freight service or UPS. Contact us and let’s see what we can do for you.
No, these aren’t Southwest Greens like you see on TV. This turf is Mirage and Mirage does not need sand to function properly. You can read more about sand or lack of sand here.
You bet, we recently added trade show putting greens to the line of pre-packaged greens. Be aware that just because they are on the trade show green page, you can use them in your home, they’re just HUGE! To augment your trade show or convention booth, there are very few choices that will perform better for you to generate great leads and engage show attendees. Many people choose to set up the green at their trade shows and then set the green up in their office in between shows.
Unfortunately, if you live more than an hour from Charlotte, NC, we don’t ship these greens out for rental purposes. If you are a non-profit or a company that is interested in using one of our putting greens as a tool for events. You would be better served to order a green to buy and keep for the future. The shipping expense of delivery to and back would simply not make sense. If you have a particularly large putting green requirement and you are interested in renting a green for a longish event, 5 days or more, please contact us and we’ll consider an arrangement. At the very least we may be able to arrange a referral to one of our dealers who may be local to you.

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