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Top Performing Golf MatTrue Strike is trusted by top college golf programs, teaching facilities, driving ranges, private clubs, indoor golf training centers and intelligent home golfers all around the world.

There is simply no better golf mat available anywhere.

True StrikeA Revolution In Golf Mat Performance! 

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Traditional golf mats have two main issues:

  1. They don’t provide realistic feedback on mis-hit shots – traditional golf mats actually hurt your game
  2. They do not provide the normal forgiveness that a real fairway provides – traditional golf mats actually hurt your joints

During recent testing on a high end launch monitor, True Strike numbers tell the story. Launch angle and spin rates, iron through wedges, test within 3% of shots hit off a natural fairway. Traditional golf hitting mats (which don’t test within 12%) are constructed in a way that they are either too firm, or too soft. These unnatural conditions allow a player to hit fat shots and never know it. You have no way of knowing if your making impact with the ball first, or the turf first.

TS Academy Model

Anyone who has ever developed golfers elbow can tell you how painful hitting off a traditional mat can be. The constant shock and vibration pushes the energy back up through the shaft and into your joints and muscles. This causes a chronic injury which will nag you for months and even years, many people have to quit practicing altogether once “golfer’s elbow” sets in.

Why would you risk injury and hurt your game?

The inventor of True Strike knew there had to be a better way to hit golf shots without needing to practice on a natural surface.

Learn how to Integrate a True Strike Mat into a Putting Green

Custom Green with Integrated Hitting Mat

The True Strike Secret Sauce:

The True Strike Hitting System implements a revolutionary new concept, a thin layer of incredibly durable, yet soft, artificial strike surface with a silicone gel insert engineered under the strike surface. Not too firm and not too soft, its perfect.true strike golf hitting mat

“True Strike feels more like the fairway than any other mat I have hit off”          

Joe Clark Sr. ~ Master PGA Professional Owl’s Nest Golf Club – NH

Better Engineering Equals Better Practice 

Here is the reason why good players are flocking to True Strike:

If you use a launch monitor like TrackMan, Foresight GC2, ES14, FlightScope or any other high tech launch monitor, you’ve certainly noticed that you get away with hitting slightly fat shots on those thick squishy golf mats. This is simply not realistic because you will never get away with this type of chunky impact on the golf course.true strike ball flight technical data

You’ve probably also noticed that you get a bit more distance with your iron shots on these squishy mats than you do on the golf course. There’s a reason for this. The very soft golf mat you’re hitting off is not allowing for the ball to pinch. This lack of pinch between your club face and the  hitting surface is reducing the spin you would naturally get on the golf course.

This lack of spin is allowing your ball to fly at a slightly lower trajectory and the result is a shot that never “tops out” with spin and subsequently carries unnatural distances.

This is what good players call a “jumper” or a “flyer”. On the golf course, this is caused by a few blades of grass getting between the clubface and the ball at impact. The result is the ball not being grabbed by the grooves in your club face and the ball is allowed to slide up the club face, just half a groove, as opposed to grabbing, pinching and spinning the ball as the grooves are designed to do.

When you hit off those same old, squishy, tufted mats, the exact same phenomenon is occurring because the turf under the ball is not firm enough create the pinch, allowing the ball to leave the face with less than optimal spin.

This creates a false sense of distance with each iron throughout your bag – see technical data in the graphic above and right.

True Strike Golf Mats are engineered to replicate that perfect fairway surface you’d hit from on the golf course. Not so firm that you’ll injure your joints but not so soft that you hurt your game. Its a perfect balance. Even the sound of a well struck shot on a True Strike is the same as a well struck shot off the fairway. Better Engineering = Better Practice.

A few featured True Strike Customers:


True Strike Design

Not only is the proprietary strike surface genius, the design is just as sharp.True Strike Tee System

  • Fully modular
  • Fully portable
  • Fully expandable

What would you like to do? Add or subtract a ball tray, reverse orientation to accommodate left handed players, move the tee receiver to another panel, replace the gel section in a few years, inlay a True Strike in a Pro Putt Systems golf room putting green, create a continuous multi-sectional tee line, no problem.

What about teeing the ball up to hit drivers and fairway metals? The unique tee receiver system holds the tee so it doesn’t go flying each time you hit a shot.

What about iron shots off a tee? No problem, each system comes with short tees and long tees.

All True Strike Hitting Mats


Double Sided Golf Mat

True Strike Double Model

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Portable Golf Mat

True Strike Portable

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True Strike Gel Section

True Strike Gel Section

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True Strike Range Mat Section

Range Mat Section

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Ball Tray

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Edge Trim

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Short Tee

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True Strike Long Tees

Long Tee

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