Pro Putt Systems DIY Backyard Putting Greens and DIY Indoor Greens. 

DIY Backyard GreenStep One: Ask yourself these questions:

Has the cost of installing a backyard green with a contractor got you wishing you had never came up with the idea in the first place?

Are you somewhat handy and willing to spend a day or two in the yard to save thousands?

Did you see the ads on the Golf Channel, then when you got the bid from the local guy, you were quoted $27 or even $30 per square foot?

Have you been on YouTube and seen how, you have to dig down 8″, bring in 9 million yards of fill, create french drains, then bring in 4 million yards of fines to get started on your project?

Do It Yourself Backyard Putting GreenDoes the idea of purchasing specialty cutting equipment to cut-in fringe borders and chipping areas seem like something you’d need to go to classical sculpting school for?

Does the idea of using the most technologically advanced putting green system available today, appeal to you?

If the answers to these questions are Yes….then you need to speak with Pro Putt Systems.

Many years ago, we mastered the concept of building and shipping custom indoor putting greens,  now we’ve mastered building and shipping backyard putting greens as well! 

It’s All About the Bass!

Here’s how it works: 

1) You take a picture and draw a crude sketch (w rough dims) of the area where you want the green to go

2) You call us and we have a quick discussion about the green (to be sure it is realistic)

3) We complete a design and color sketch with a quote for you to review and sign off on

4) You complete your order via card and we ship the green to you completely pre-cut like a kit

We can do all of this for a fraction of the cost of that outrageous quote you were given 😉

Here is the secret sauce: 

Simple DIY Putting Greens


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Don’t forget about all the other awesome stuff we offer:

Do it yourself putting greens are easy for our friend Tiger Woods! Now they are for you too!

Do it yourself putting greens

Tiger’s DIY practice green

The rest of us have to be a little more realistic in our expectations of home putting greens and short game practice areas.

What we don’t have to settle for is junk, if you want a top notch putting green at, or in, your home, Pro Putt Systems has your answer.

When it comes to do it yourself putting greens there are a few things to be aware of:

  1. No level of careful mowing will ever transform your existing grass into a putting green, don’t even try it
  2. Please don’t try to order rolls of putting green sod, unless you have a degree from the Stockbridge School of Horticulture, you’d be better off trying number 1, the mower thing
  3. Unless you have Tiger’s money don’t try to make the “DIY Green” an “I’ll Hire Someone To Take Care Of It Green” this will cost a fortune
  4. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that throwing some 4.25” circles on your living room floor will give you meaningful practice, yeah I know, Hogan says he did this, Hogan lived in the 50’s (Rest His Soul)
  5. Definitely don’t wind up on ordering a piece of turf from Bangladesh, Lord only knows what you’ll get
  6. Please don’t insult your game by jumping on Amazon and grabbing one of those $29 “practice greens”, that’s junk, don’t waste your money, just go play 9 holes

Here’s what you can do to build a putting green in your home, a great, Do It Yourself Putting Green that will last for decades to come and offer realistic putting experience, for a great price.

At Pro Putt Systems we offer numerous pre-packaged putting greens that are made at our facility right here in North Carolina.

These DIY Putting Greens are made from the best putting turf on earth and the base system that actually lifts the green off the floor, is designed to fit together like a puzzle, so easy, a caveman could do it.

For the True Do It Yourselfers

If you really want to get Do It Yourselfy, you can go a step further and really put the imagination to work, and conceive the green of your dreams.

Yes we offer true do it yourselfers, the ability to completely design their own putting green from scratch.

  1. Put some thought into the perfect spot for your green
  2. Measure the area
  3. Contact Pro Putt for a design consultation
  4. Process your order
  5. We ship the green to your home
  6. You install the green, it’s like putting together a big puzzle

Now, that is a Do It Yourself Putting Green that will give you and your family hours of entertainment and highly effective putting practice.

Guess what, in the event you were to move or decide on a new location for your green, no problem, the entire green is fully scalable and fully portable.

That’s a DIY Putting Green the Pro Putt Systems way.

If you’re considering a custom putting green in your home reach out to the Pro Putt team. As always, let us know how we can help, that’s what we do!

Putt Like A Pro

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