TOURPUTT AI Putting Simulation

Perfect Your Putting with Cutting Edge Tech

TOURPUTT is an AI Putting Simulator that records and analyzes all aspects of your putting, especially focusing on green reading, starting angle, and putt speed. The data analysis/presentation and the UX/UI is very intuitive for golfers of all levels from casual players to elite-level athletes.

With machine learning and next-generation technology, TOURPUTT is leading the charge on comprehensive putting training – with an emphasis on targeting “money putts,” you’ll be able to fine-tune your short game in no time.

TOURPUTT Augmented Reality Putting Simulators

TOURPUTT Circle equipment


From training to AI putter fitting to hundreds of games and drills – the Circle is our flagship model loaded with ALL of our features.

TOURPUTT Ground equipment


Designed to fit any form on any green! Convert your golf space into a state-of-the-art putting lab.


With a minimum footprint of 12.5ft x 7ft – the Box is designed to fit perfectly into any space. The width can be customized to fit in your Sim Bay!

What is TOURPUTT Circle?

The Circle from TOURPUTT is the legacy product and has been used as THE SECRET to numerous LPGA Tour Players who we have seen win MAJOR after MAJOR on the LPGA Tour. From elite training to AI putter fitting, to games and drills – TOURPUTT Circle is the ultimate simulator for college programs, academies, elite players, and putter fitters as well as retail outlets.

It’s the most powerful and comprehensive putting simulator on the market today. You can pinpoint your tendencies and craft your training journey with TOURPUTT’s extensive array of customizable features. Then track your progress and elevate your putting to new heights.

This is what YOU have been waiting for.

The Circle’s 16′ 4″ X 16′ 4″ green is designed with a 3% slope or 1.72 degree, so a golfer will see almost all the types of putts he or she will encounter within an 8 ft radius of the hole on the green.

Take the Pattern Test

Identify your putting tendencies with TOURPUTT’s exclusive Pattern Test. This patent-pending feature provides personalized insights, setting the stage for an unparalleled training experience to perfect your putting.

This technology allows a player to face 92% of the putts they’d face on the course from within 8′!

TOURPUTT Pattern Test on a tablet

Customized Training & Drills

Each training feature is customizable to fit your style of play, and every feature can be layered on top of one another for a countless number of combinations. FINALLY, putting simulation is here!

TOURPUTT custom drills screen

Comprehensive Data Analysis

TOURPUTT saves all of your putting data and sorts them by date, distance and break type. Accurately track your progress and improvement from varying distances and slopes.

TOURPUTT data analysis screen

AI Putter Fitting

Using advanced data analysis and machine learning, TOURPUTT Circle expertly recommends a putter that complements your stroke and tendencies. Yes, AI Putter fitting is here and we’re able to remove all of the human bias from your next putter fitting.

TOURPUTT AI putter fitting screen

What is TOURPUTT Ground?

TOURPUTT Ground can fit any freely undulated custom green. Up to 4 different putting stations can be set up for multi-user capability.

Designed to Fit Any Green

Revolutionize your green with TOURPUTT’s customizable training features and convert your space into a state-of-the-art putting lab! Whether it’s an already existing green or a custom build of your dreams, TOURPUTT Ground can be molded to any existing green, no matter how big or small.

Preset Training

Find that perfect testy lie or the helpful combination of training features that strengthen your weakness – then name it, save it and turn it into a drill that you can always come back to.

TOURPUTT Ground preset training step 1

Find the Line

You can select up to 4 putting lines, from anywhere on the green.

TOURPUTT Ground preset training step 2

Create the Next Step

Select the training features for each station and layer them using the “Step” button.

TOURPUTT Ground preset training step 3

Save Your Drill

Once you save your drill, you can always recall the drill at the push of a button.

Customized Training

10 training features, each customizable to fit your playing and visualization style. It equals 100s of combinations to tailor to your needs.

TOURPUTT Ground custom training

What is TOURPUTT Box?

The TOURPUTT Box includes all of the best features from the Circle but with half the size – measuring 12.5ft x 7ft.

It was created to fit perfectly into existing hitting bays in indoor golf facilities or at-home golf simulators. Due to it’s more convenient shape and size, it’s ideal for more compact spaces like indoor venues, offices, and homes.

TOURPUTT Box putting drills
TOURPUTT Box putting simulator

How to Buy TOURPUTT Products

Pro Putt Systems is proud to be a Trusted Installation Partner of TOURPUTT. Contact us today to see how we can add TOURPUTT AI putting simulation to your indoor golf greens!

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