True Strike Gel Section


The Gel Section of the True Strike Golf Mat is what sets this product apart from all other golf mats.

Engineered with a silicone gel insert beneath the hitting turf, this portion of any system can be changed out after a few years of use and the rest of the system can still be used. Rated for up to 150,000 shots taken with a wedge or iron.

All True Strike Hitting Systems are completely modular.  Switching out the gel section is a simple process that takes under 2 minutes. Return customers who purchased their True Strike from Pro Putt Systems are eligible for discounts when replacement time comes.

All standard models come with one Gel Section included. (Double Model comes with two)



30 lbs


Gel Bag, Molded Frame, Strike Surface


52″ L x 14″ W x 2 3/8″ H


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