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Easy Breaks and Undulations Kit

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The Easy Breaks and Undulations Kit will allow you to quickly and easily create hundreds of putts with varying break and elevation.

Use the Easy Breaks and Undulations Kit on any size green from the Pro Putt Trainer to the Green Monster.

  • Uphill Putts
  • Downhill Putts
  • Left to Right Putts
  • Right to Left Putts
  • Subtle Breaking Putts
  • Early Breaking Putts
  • Late Breaking Putts
  • Hard Breaking Putts
  • Sliding Putts
  • Swinging Putts

Each kit comes with four sheets:  2 – 24″ x 24″ x .25″ thickness  and 2 – 24″ x 24″ x .50″ thickness closed cell poly undulation material.

The sheets can but cut, trimmed, stacked and folded to achieve hundreds of varying putts and / or chips.

Click and scroll the images on this page for suggested placements of undulation material.

Undulation material is placed beneath the base panel system. 

As usual Pro Putt Systems delivers the most realistic indoor practice experience available anywhere! Have fun and play well.

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.25″ and .50″ sheets (come in a set)

Width and Length

24″ x 24″ each sheet (2 sheets of .25″ and 2 sheets of .50″ thicknesses come in each kit)


Closed cell poly sheets

Putts You Can Create

Literally Hundreds of Putts Can Be Created

Add Chipping Mat
Pay Over Time
SKU: foam24x48.