Golf Rooms: The Ultimate Golf Cave

golf room and man cave

Ten years ago the idea of a golf room in your home was almost unthinkable. The expense and aggravation of creating a platform for placing putting turf on was a bit much for the average golf addict.

Besides you can just go to the range or stay late at your club on the putting green….but you rarely did and your short game continued to lag.

We all know how important putting is to the overall score that goes on the card. We all know how important those little shots around the green are. But yet, even serious players still don’t practice putting and chipping as much as they should.

No More Excuses!

You don’t need to buy green carpet from the carpet store and you don’t need to lug a load of lumber in to build out a platform that will allow you to actually see the ball drop into a cup.

Nope, those days are over and the modern golf addict has discovered that they can build a golf sanctuary in their basement or bonus room for a great price. Those junkies are customers of Pro Putt Systems.

Golf Room with putting green

Wall to Wall Golf Room Putting Greens Available

We can help you build the perfect short game practice area in any room of your home. See, we offer a whole bunch of standard putting greens here on the site. But, many savvy buyers ask us to build a perfect fit for their situation.

Custom Greens man cave

There is no way this guy gets any work done!

There is no level of customization which is too complex or too large for us to handle. We have the ability to build and ship like a kit, or we can offer turnkey solutions.

Golf Room Installation

We’ll travel to build your Ultimate Golf Room!

The beauty of these greens is, they are simple to put together and we can ship them straight to your home. Or, we can send our experienced crew to your home and you’ll know the job is being done right and on time!

Custom Golf Room

Golf Room Install

Golf Simulator Putting Greens

Maybe you’re going all out and putting a simulator in your home. Simulators are fantastic, I use one all the time in the winter, but if you’ve ever tried one you noticed that the putting STINKS!

Learn about: Custom Simulator Flooring

Golf Room Install

This Virginia customer wanted to spruce up his new simulator room with a wall to wall installation and an inlay True Strike golf mat.

wall to wall simulator green

True Strike Flush Install

This commercial customer in CT wanted to build a full putting and chipping green to compliment his simulator bays.

Wall to Wall Golf Room Install

Putting is something that the simulator folks simply haven’t figured out. This is again, where we come in. We outfit the putting green portion of great golf rooms all the time. Complete with raised putting greens and custom undulation built right in.

Custom Indoor Putting Greens

Build and Ship DIY Golf Room Anyone? 

Build and Ship Golf Room

Who says you can’t build and ship a 750 sq ft golf room?

Adding realistic putting to your simulator set up is easy and the expense is nominal when compared with ruining your putting stroke over the winter.

Custom Golf Room

We can even build the hitting mat right into the putting green area and give you multiple hitting surfaces to hit from into the screen and then you can turn around and hit chip shots and putts in real life. That’s indoor game improvement!

wall to wall Golf Room

If you’re building out a golf room in your home, take the time to talk to us, we’ll help you out with a custom solution that fits your needs and most importantly, your budget.

simulator golf room

True Strike Gel Section, inlaid, right in the green!

Further, if you are looking at simulator machines and the simulator company offers turf and hitting mats, you can know you’re paying too much. Give us a call and we’ll help you out.

Golf Room in Ohio

Golf Room Maryland

So, if you’re considering the ultimate golf addict hang out, reach out to us and we’ll personalize the perfect green, hitting mat and chipping pad just for you.

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