Pro Putt Systems Sponsors Junior Golf

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The Pro Putt Systems team is happy to announce our sponsorship of the National Junior Golf Tour!

Junior golf is such an important factor when it comes to player development. Without the hard working people that run junior golf programs throughout the country we wouldn’t have world-class professional golf here in the United States.

There is so much more to junior golf than just playing tournaments, today’s professional golfer needs a great network and the junior tours today are a vital component to building that network early on.

College golf is making a big comeback and the experience that is gained by young players who play in junior golf events consistently, is incredibly important.

If your future major champ is interested in participating in junior golf tours or junior golf programs and you live in the Mid-Atlantic or South -Eastern part of the US please take a look at participation in the National Junior Golf Tour.

The NJGT holds most of its junior tournaments in the North Carolina and South Carolina area. Recently they added the “College Prep Series” a program for the more advanced players ages 14-18 to test their form and prepare for the highly competitive college recruiting process.

The NJGT allows young players to develop their skills against some very talented competition AND they keep the price very affordable featuring a Tour Card Membership for only $80 per year and green’s fees for two day tournaments are typically around $100.

This junior program has been developing young golfers since 1999.

If you play well throughout the season you could get invited to the National Junior Golf Tour National Championship held each year in Myrtle Beach, SC.

If you run a Junior Golf Program and you’re interested in Pro Putt Systems sponsoring your program, please feel free to contact us, we will consider sponsorship of well run junior programs.

NJGT Members don’t forget we want you to putt like a pro, that said we will give you and your families a 10% discount off all Pro Putt Systems pre-packaged green systems. If we run a sale we will even offer 10% off that sale price as well. Contact us for a coupon code, please include the members first and last name for verification purposes.

Pro Putt Systems is dedicated to developing great young players!

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