Trade Show Putting Greens

putting green at a trade show

At Pro Putt Systems we want to officially announce our line of Trade Show Putting Greens.

The trade show industry is enormous and companies are constantly looking for ways to get more “worthy” traffic to their booths. Engaging prospects with a dynamic, interactive booth is a great way to not only grow traffic but also engage in a unique way.

  • Attract
  • Entertain
  • Convert

Those first two are the main factors to building relationships at trade shows, the last is up to you. But, if you aren’t ATTRACTING and ENTERTAINING you’ll never get those conversions.

There is an overwhelming fact, that cannot be argued, Decision Makers love golf.  Golf is an incredibly important tool in the corporate world. It is part of the recruiting process, part of the client retention process and a huge part of the deal making process.

If you want to attract the decision makers at your next convention, expo or trade show then you need a trade show putting green.

Throw Down A Challenge

In Dale Carnegie’s legendary book, How To Win Friends and Influence People, Carnegie makes a great point. The idea of throwing down a challenge, particularly to a decision maker, works. It is a great way to engage an A-Type personality.

A Putting Challenge will get the staunchest CEO to put down the little bag of convention junk and try to roll a 15 footer for a (…insert give away here…).

The point is you could give away a 6 ounce Gold Bar in exchange for a filled out form, and that same Decision Maker won’t even glance twice at your booth as he walks by with the “Don’t talk to me, please” look on his face.

You throw down the epic putting challenge, he’ll do whatever it takes to show off his “clutch under pressure” putting skills.

Golf (particularly putting) brings out a primal instinct, the idea of the crowd watching, passersby judging, the challenge, oh…it’s just a putt at a trade show. He doesn’t know this though, to him he may as well be trying to birdie 18 at Augusta in early April.

A Trade Show Putting Green will be the best investment you will ever make in your convention booth. Simple to set up, easy to transport, amazing quality, the type of quality that will really impress your prospects.

Did I mention, we can put your company logo right on the green to maximize your exposure.

But wait, what about after the convention? Oh yeah, you can set up and transport the putting green so easily, you can have a putting green in the break room or maybe even YOUR OFFICE.

If you have any questions about how to drastically improve your booth from now on, feel free to contact us, we’ll help you out, that’s what we do.

By the way, how do we know that putting greens work so well?

Trade Show Putting Greens

Trade Show Putting Green Booth

We set up our greens at shows all the time, we generate over 100 qualified prospects at each show by running simple, irresistible, putting contests.

Don’t miss this. Take a look at our two main trade show models, the Green Monster is great for booths 10 x 20. If you have custom needs, no problem, we can help you out there too.

Trade Show Like A Pro