Test Yourself: The Ultimate Putting Drill

indoor golf putting green with chipping pad

Use your Ultimate Putting Trainer for this test!

Take 10 golf balls and place them in a circle approximately 3 to 5 feet away from the center cup.

Don’t leave the green until you have hit 10 in a row from these vital distances. Some days it will take 5 minutes and some days it will take 2 hours.

Don’t hit them all from the same spot, placing them in a circle with a fresh pre-putt routine on each putt is the key!

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Add some break to your putts to raise the level of difficulty.

Artificially pressuring yourself to hit these 10 putts in a row will simulate the pressure of a birdie putt!

Tiger Woods Putting DrillTry the same thing with varying distances.

Arrange a series of balls varying distances from a corner cup and force your self to hit 10 in a row.

Indoor Putting Drills