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Odd-Sized Putting Turf Strips

Easy roll out and easy storage. Great for beginners and for people who just want an easy way to practice their putting stroke on a regular basis.

This is the exact same turf we use on our Professional Putting Greens.

To cut a simple target hole in the turf:

Simply take a 4” saucer and use it as a template to cut a perfect circle in the underside of the putting turf.

To add simple undulations:

Simply place any household item such as cardboard, notebooks or copy paper under the turf to create break and undulations.

Even better undulation – Lowes sells 32″ x 48″ “Wainscoting” for $11.00 it is commonly used for dry erase boards, it’s rigid yet a little flexible. Use this directly under the putting strip and place just about any item you want under the Wainscoting piece for very inexpensive, very flexible and very realistic undulation. It works great! You can emulate up-hill, down-hill , right to left and left to right breaks.