Simple Indoor Putting Drills

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We want to take a moment and introduce our newest model, The Ultimate Putting Trainer.

This putting green was the request of our customers who were in search of a high quality indoor putting system that allows for a number of various basic putting drills.

This design is well on its way to becoming our hottest model!

putting greens for indoor drills

The design considers the simple putting drill that made Tiger the putter he was for so many years. Many people refer to this drill as “Around the World” the idea is that you would not leave the green until you were able to master the most important putt on the the course, the dreaded 3 and 4 footer.

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How do you master these putts? By hitting 10 in a row with no misses in the middle.

This putting drill will teach you discipline and once you’re disciplined enough to hit these crucial putts with consistency, the result will be lower scores.

How many times have you been in the situation where you have a little short par putt that may or may not even break…and you miss it? (usually there is very little break in putts of this distance)

Not only have you added a stroke to your scorecard but, you’re not feeling very confident on the walk to the next tee. These miserable little walks will more often than not, cause a less than desirable tee shot as well.

Let’s end that!

Golf is hard enough without missing those little par putts.

The idea behind this simple drill is raw discipline. Customarily, high handicap players don’t even practice short putts, they practice lag putts and putts with a lot of bend.

More experienced golfers always start and end their putting warm up by hitting short putts from within 3 to 5 feet.

Why is this?

Good players want to experience a couple things prior to starting their round:

  1. They want to get the “feel”of hitting a few putts in a row
  2. They want to build confidence and have “good thoughts”once they’re standing over the real deal
  3. They also want to “hear” the ball drop into the cup

By combining the physical and mental aspects of putting, they will experience better on course results.

Tiger’s Putting Drill

Place the balls in a semi-circle around the cup as shown below.

Tiger Woods Putting Drill

Position the balls in a semi-circle shape for this drill

You want to hit these putts with a defined pre-shot routine for each stroke. Whatever your pre-shot routine is, be sure you use it each time you line up a putt. More on that in a minute.

The secret is to hit these from a different angle and slightly different distance on each putt.

Most importantly you want to have the discipline to hit these consecutively, ten in a row, don’t leave the green until you have hit all ten in a row. If you have to get going and you are out of time, you’ll notice the nerves showing up once you are at consecutive putt number 7 or 8 and number 10 will really replicate on course pressure!

Putting Drill for Distance Control

Here is a very simple putting drill that will teach you distance control on the intermediate putts.

Place the balls on your putting green in a staggered fashion as shown below.

Putting Drill for Distance Control

Position the balls in a staggered fashion as shown

Hit each of these putts starting with #1 and so on. You’ll notice that each putt is from a slightly different range and each putt could have a slightly different break, assuming you decide to add some break to the green in front of the hole. Also, the putts are arranged so distances are varying shorter, to longer then back to shorter. This works better than hitting consecutive putts that are getting progressively longer or shorter.

Again, be sure to complete a fresh pre-putt routine before each shot. There is no point in practicing putting drills if you aren’t simulating the real thing.

Meaningful Practice is Key – Otherwise you’re just playing games and not learning any muscle memory or discipline.

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A Good Pre-Putt Routine

Dave Stockton, a legendary putting coach, suggests that if you don’t have a specific and duplicable pre-putt routine, DEVELOP ONE.