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Personal Putt and Chip Complex

Ever wish you had your own Personal Putting and Chipping Complex so you can practice your short game at home?

Have you noticed that the first thing to go during a long layoff from golf is the Short Game?  There is no doubt, the biggest struggle for golfers coming into the spring or coming off a period where you just couldn’t play, is sharpness in those little shots around the green.

Well now you can practice these chip and pitch shots in the comfort of your home with the Personal Putting and Chipping Complex.

You can add all sorts of break and undulation to practice short putts, mid range putts and long putts. Get serious about your practice and gain an edge coming into spring!

Putting Green Features-2

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Total Square Feet


Longest Putting Distance


Longest Chipping Distance


Number of Cups




Depth of Cups


Suggested Use

Indoor / Outdoor


394 lbs

Putting Surface

Mirage TourPutt Ultimate

Putting Turf Warranty

10 years

Add Chipping Mat
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