Testimonial So Good We Made It A Post

cartoon golfers

Although my daughters have had clubs in their hands since they could literally stand, last year was our first year of actually competing in the Virginia State Golf Association Junior Tournaments. It was a tremendous experience! We had an opportunity to travel, play some great courses, and as an added bonus we met some incredible people along the way. One such person is Brett at Pro Putt Systems!

As a parent of a young golfer certain memories stand out. Last year at the State Championship I remember coming into the turn and my daughter was only four strokes back. I asked her, “Babe, where do you think the difference is?” She simply responded, “My putting.” To make a long story short and after a low sugar crash (Type 1 Diabetic) the gap eventually widened, but in the end she came in 2nd Place and won the Long Drive Competition (244 yards) and left learning a very valuable lesson. She learned that in order to stay in contention she had to be a better putter. That is where Brett and the folks at Pro Putt Systems come into play.

We recently moved into our new home and coming from a condo we had a lot more space to fill. So one day while we were all sitting around trying to figure out what to fill the space with my girls asked, “Dad what about an indoor putting green?” Up until that point I never considered a putting green. We are a family of golfers and I am thinking of a pool table or more furniture. Golfers getting a pool table that makes perfect sense! Well, after looking at the space it dawned on us that a putting green would not only be a good investment but also a great conversation piece. Seriously, how many people do you know with an indoor putting green? Plus, the girls cleverly threw in that they could practice when it was cold, dark, or raining. What dad could say “no” to that?

So we scoured the Internet in search of the best indoor putting green we could find and were fortunate to come across Pro Putt Systems. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING even came close to the quality and customer service!

Their responses to questions were quick, friendly and extremely helpful. The time invested in designing your particular model is unparalleled. The folks at Pro Putt Systems will go the extra length to make sure you are completely happy and I could not be more thankful to them for taking the time to get our model just right. When I sent the picture of our model to our friends the quote was, “We can’t wait to come over to your house and play!”

Golf has been a blessing to us in so many ways! It is something we enjoy as a family and is a source of pride to see our girls excelling at such an amazing sport. What I love about the game of golf is that it teaches some very valuable life lessons but most importantly you are able to establish some remarkable relationships such as the one we now have with Brett and Pro Putt Systems. Thanks for everything!

The Guity Family