Portable Putting Greens from Pro Putt Systems

portable putting green duffel bag

Every good golfer knows that the number 1 way to lower your golf scores is to practice putting.

Portable Indoor Putting Greens are a great way to develop your putting skills.

At Pro Putt Systems each of our pre-packaged putting green models are completely portable. Our portable putting greens are designed to give you all the functionality of a traditional putting green in the comfort and warmth of your own home.

Tour Pro Portable Putting Green

Tour Pro Portable Putting Green

There are companies that offer home putting greens in many shapes and sizes but you will find our portable indoor / outdoor putting greens are both beautiful and incredibly realistic.

We Don’t Pay Gurus!

Not to mention we don’t have to pay a putting guru for an endorsement.

Pro Putt Systems greens have been carefully designed so they can be placed in any room in your home during the winter months and then out in your yard during the summer.

Our designs feature an interlocking base system that will lift your putting surface off the ground at least 2.625 inches at their thinnest point and once you add shims for undulation the portable green will have a drop into the cup of as much as 3.5 inches.

You will notice that most of our portable pre-packaged putting green models do not feature fringe. Why is that?

During research of other indoor green companies we have found that fringe is nothing more than a way to add worthless square footage to their green models.

If you wish to add fringe to your putting green from Pro Putt Systems, we can certainly add it for you and this will add some aesthetic value with very little actual practice value.

Our greens are designed by golfers for golfers with the intent of creating the best available putting practice environment without wasting square footage that you will have to pay for  and add little practice value.

What makes our putting greens so portable?

  • The turf itself will roll into a cylinder shaped roll with a length of between 6’ and 10’ and a roll depth of between 8” and 14”, depending on what size putting green you decide on.
  • The interlocking panel base system  comes with holes for screws built in however we have found actually screwing the base system together is not at all necessary.
  • The base system panels measure 22.75” x 22.75” and easily fit into specially designed, high quality duffel bags for convenience and easy portability.

Portable Putting Greens for Home

The duffel bag and the nature of the interlocking base system makes Pro Putt Systems greens the most portable on the market.

  • Highest functionality
  • Most realistic putting surface
  • Highest quality putting turf (10 yr Warranty)
  • Best value indoor putting green on the market

Take a moment to look around the site, we offer a number of pre-packaged indoor / outdoor portable greens for you to choose from.

If you would like to design your own putting green for your home we can help you do that as well. Simply request a design consultation and remember the beauty of our green systems is the fact that each of them are completely portable.

Even if you design a custom green you can transport the green with you if you move or decide to simply change the location of the green within your home or yard.

These factors and the use of the best putting surface on earth, makes Pro Putt Systems the best portable putting greens on the market.

Putt Like  A Pro