It’s All About the Turf

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When a discriminating golfer is seeking options for his or her indoor putting needs, the primary consideration should always be the turf.

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  • What is the best putting turf available?
  • Can I get realistic practice on synthetic putting turf?
  • Can I get outdoor quality turf for an indoor putting green?
  • What is the most realistic putting turf on the market?


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Real Bent Side by Side w Pro Putt Systems TourPutt Ultimate

These are very popular questions here at Pro Putt Systems, so we wanted to take a moment and discuss the most important factors when considering an indoor putting surface.
The most important aspects of putting practice on artificial surfaces are:

  1. Durability
  2. Realistic Roll
  3. True Roll
  4. Look
  5. Feel
  6. Value
  7. Customization
  8. Portability

Let’s cover these factors one by one:

  • Durability – is the turf durable and warrantied for a long period of time against fading or wearing?

Pro Putt Systems ONLY uses Mirage Tour Putt for our indoor/outdoor putting greens. This putting turf is designed to be subjected to the harshest conditions that can be found in the United States.

It can stand up to the baking desert sun of Arizona or the harshest winter conditions and drastic temperature swings in a place like Maine. It doesn’t just last a year or two, it’swarrantied for a full 10 years against even the toughest outdoor conditions.

It’s safe to say that this putting turf could practically last a lifetime in indoor environments. We’re proud to offer the most realistic putting turf and the most durable turf simultaneously.


  • Realistic Roll – does the ball roll pure on the turf without bouncing and skipping?

Some companies don’t really design true indoor practice greens, what they’re really offering are toys. In order to get the best putting practice on a synthetic surface you must be practicing on turf that rolls correctly. The golf ball shouldn’t bounce along the turf and it shouldn’t skip along the turf, that is not realistic putting.

The ball should roll evenly along the turf just like you’re putting on a real bent grass green.


  • True Roll – does the ball roll evenly in each and every direction?

Not only is a smooth roll incredibly important but, the trueness of the roll is an important factor as well. Natural greens, particularly southern warm weather greens like Bermuda Greens do have a slight bit of “grain break”. Learning how to ready grain break can make or break a high level player.

However, an artificial putting green with grain break is not a good characteristic at all. Grain break in synthetic greens simply means that the individual fibers are made on a machine that weaves the material in a specific row each and every time. This row creates an unnatural grain break that can considerably hinder your practice and overall alignment.

Realistic Artificial Putting Turf

Most Realistic Turf – Close Up Photo

Our turf is specifically designed to avoid these unnatural breaks. The individual fibers are tightly woven and distributed in a slightly uneven manner at the surface. This creates that realistic and true roll just like you would expect on an organic putting green.


  • Look – does the turf look real?

The turf should have and maintain a dark green lush look for years. Our turf is multicolored in nature but it has an incredibly realistic dark green look. The background color or the color beneath the ball is important to your overall practice efforts, distance and alignment control are dominated by color to the eye.

If the color beneath the golf ball on your practice green are completely different from what you go out and play on, your natural eye coordination will be affected negatively.


  • Feel – does the turf feel very realistic when you’re standing on it?

The feel beneath your feet may just seem like a luxury requirement but, many golf professionals will tell you that they feel the line and speed with their feet. Again, when you are practicing on a surface that does not match the real thing, your practice will be negatively impacted.


  • Value – quite simply, is the putting green worth the investment?

There are indoor putting greens that are far less expensive than ours, just as there are greens that are far more expensive than ours. While opinions are many and strong as to why that is we know for a fact that we are providing our customers with an amazing level of overall value.

We’re not jacking up our prices to pay a short game or putting guru.

We’re using the best available putting turf combined with the best base, in this area….we have no competition.

We have searched the deepest areas of the indoor putting world and we literally cannot find a competitor that provides the value that we provide here at Pro Putt Systems.

We encourage you to do your due diligence, look around at our competition, be careful to read all the fine print and disclaimers. You simply won’t find value like ours anywhere. Specifically peek at the warranty periods, most of our competitors are only warrantying their putting turf for 3 years, occasionally you’ll see 5 years but more often you’ll find 1 – 3 years max.


  • Customization – can you get a custom shape or sized indoor putting surface?

Quality, playability, look and feel are very important, but one of the things that really sets us apart from the rest is the ability to create custom indoor putting greens. Customizations are standard in outdoor putting greens but until now this hasn’t been offered indoor without paying a very dear price.

We design and ship numerous custom indoor greens for our clients each month and this unique ability has really set us apart from the competition.


  • Portability – can I move my green around my property?

In the past a putting green was always considered a permanent fixture in a home. Once the green was installed it couldn’t be moved. Not only could you not move it around your property but, you couldn’t move it with you if you were to sell your home.

Pro Putt Systems greens are completely portable, you can move it around your home with ease and of course if you were to sell your home you can move it to your new home.

Who Offers The Most Realistic Putting Turf?

All in all, we offer the very best putting turf in the world, it’s made right here in the USA and each green is carefully made by humans to be sure that you truly are getting the best and most realistic putting turf available today.

If you are seeking the very best putting surface in the world with all the features mentioned above please, feel free to contact us with any questions so we can make your dream a reality.

It’s All About the Putting Turf