Make the Most Out of Your Putting Green Turf

Adding Undulation

It’s easy to add undulation to your putting surface. The least expensive way to add fully customized breaks and even elevation changes is to visit your local Lowes Store and buy a piece of WHITE 32″ x 48″ “Wainscoting” .125″ or 1/8th” thick. It is commonly used for Dry Erase Boards. It is firm and strong enough to walk on and it is also slightly flexible. It works perfectly and only costs approx. $11.

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Place it underneath the putting turf and then use just about anything from around the house to place under the Wainscoting piece and it will allow you to create hundreds of different breaks.

Trimming and Cups

You can cut cups with a razor blade using a 4″ saucer or coffee cup as a guide on the underside of the turf. Place as many cups as you need, anywhere you wish. Save the plug that you cut out and then you can fill a hole you prefer not to use.

To trim the putting turf simply use a razor blade and a straight edge ruler to trim on the underside of the turf. You only need to cut the backing material and then pull the excess material away.

Storing Your Putting Turf

The sign of good turf is the ability to roll it with the green putting side in. You’ll note that some turf suppliers require you roll the turf with good side out. That means their turf is less than desirable. TourPutt Ultimate can easily be rolled up and the putting green side is protected when transporting or in storage.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The best part is, this turf requires only periodic cleaning it doesn’t require any maintenance. You can vacuum it or use a leaf blower when used outdoors.

If something is spilled on the putting turf use light detergent and warm water to clean it, usually water alone will work just fine. Generally it won’t stain and it can get wet without issue.