Is Your Green a Sand Trap?

sand filled greens

For years synthetic putting greens required messy sand dressing in order to function properly. Many people still believe that sand is required in order for your artificial putting green to function properly.

Guess what! No sand here!

Sand was great… in the 90’s, but here in the modern era you’ll no longer need messy sand to achieve great playability and top quality feel.

The sand was required because nylon was used as the grass and the individual fibers were not dense enough to stand up on their own. In order to keep the individual strands of fiber from matting you would have to periodically pour sand over the green and rub it in with heavy commercial brooms.

Over time the sand would become uneven and the entire green would essentially need to be flipped over and beat like an old rug. Also, whenever an organic substance is added you dramatically increase the presence of mold because the sand holds water for an extended period of time.

As time goes on the nylon fibers become ground down from the abrasive nature of the sand infill and eventually your putting green is rolling more like a freshly paved parking lot than a real putting green.

This is great for the installer because every couple years the customer would require significant maintenance, creating a recurring income stream for the putting green guy.

No Sand Here

Mirage TourPutt, the official putting surface of Pro Putt Systems was developed from years of research and testing. The beauty of TourPutt is the fact that it is so well designed and manufactured with such precision that the polypropylene fibers are specially designed to stand up completely independent of any filling medium.

As you can see in this close up image of Mirage Turf, the fibers are multi-directional and multi-textured in order to create the natural look and most importantly, feel that you would expect in a professional grade putting green. The putting surface is so well designed that you won’t experience any unnatural “grain breaks” that some artificial putting greens have.

You also won’t hear that scuffing sound from skidding, when you strike your putt, even on long putts.

mirage tourputt turf without sand

Our Turf Magnified – Natural Look No Sand Needed

The putting turf is warrantied against wear and fading for a full 10 years.

There is virtually no maintenance required, occasionally you would need to sweep it off and generally keep it clean but you certainly will not need a technician to come in and beat it like a rug every couple years.

Further, how else could you ever put a putting green in your home if it required 5 bucket loads of sand in order to function properly? The answer there is simple, it was previously impossible to have a top quality putting green inside.

If you are considering a sand filled putting green indoor or out, consider the alternative, you will be very happy in the long run.

  • No Mold
  • No Mess
  • No Wear from Grinding
  • No Fading
  • Perfect Roll
  • Great Look

There are certain instances where a little bit of sand can make sense. If you are putting your artificial green in a place where you will be hitting pitch shots from a distance of greater than 20 yards or more, then it will make sense to put a little bit of high quality colored sand in your green. If you decide to go this way be ready for the long term maintenance issues.

We have tested our indoor, sand-less putting greens for chip shots of 20-25 feet and the ball lands, checks, and rolls just like you would expect on the practice green at your club.

If your serious about your indoor / outdoor putting and chipping practice on a tour quality surface, Pro Putt is your answer.

Besides, who wants a sand filled mildew mess in your home?

Putt Like A Pro