Indoor Practice Putting Greens

gary player

In honor of Gary Player’s Birthday and his famous quote:

“The more I practice, the luckier I get”

When we set out to make the best indoor practice putting greens on the market, we took a good look around at the competition.

What we found appears to be some people selling putting greens that have never really practiced putting?

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By the looks of the indoor practice greens out there, it really did look in most cases like the designer had never actually picked up a putter. Well, that’s odd? You put mini golf putting carpet on your indoor practice green?

Custom Indoor Chipping Greens

Learn About Our New Multi-Surface Indoor Chipping Pads

What are you practicing? Mini-golf or full size golf?

At Pro Putt Systems we truly do want you to “Putt Like A Pro” and a pro would never find themselves putting on cheap putting carpet, that may work for the World Mini-Golf Championships but it won’t give you good solid meaningful putting practice.

There’s a big difference between putting carpet and top quality Mirage TourPutt Turf.

Top quality putting turf is essential to actual practice putting, meaningful, long lasting, putting practice. You know, the kind of indoor putting practice where you actually improve your putting.

Our materials are realistic enough for any golfer to not only enjoy, but really enjoy… the results.

Results are the key and if you’re putting on carpet, well, you don’t need us for that kind of practice. Head down to the carpet store.

Also, we dumped the fringe, indoor practice greens do not need fringe! Fringe may look good but, let’s face it, we’re limited on space!

Can you practice chipping, yes! From a 4’ x 4’ portable chipping area, these other guys have fringe right next to the turf, Gary Player putts from there!

When was the last time you chipped form the fringe with 4 inches of fringe to clear on the course?

Invest In Your Putting Practice

A Pro Putt Systems practice putting green is an investment in your golf game, not in your closet clutter.

Real practice is all about a true roll, real adjustable undulations and the very real experience of the golf ball actually dropping into a cup.

  • True Bent Grass Roll and Feel
  • Adjustable Undulations
  • The Ball Actually Drops Into A Cup

No longer will you have to re-learn putting each spring when the snow melts, you’ll actually be years ahead of all of your golf buddies in the scoring department. No longer will you suffer from golf withdrawals.

Indoor Practice Putting Greens

The Ultimate Putting Trainer – Indoor Putting Practice Green

Imagine practice putting at 11:00 at night, long after the sun is gone, imagine putting at 5:30 am while your waiting to leave for the course, imagine getting some putting practice in during the month of January, sounds good doesn’t it!

No need to wait, you can start practicing like a pro in just a few days. Here’s how it works.

  1. Take a look around the site
  2. Choose your green from our selection
  3. Process your order
  4. The green will arrive in just 7-10 days
  5. Take 20 minutes to set it up
  6. Practice Putting Like A Pro
  7. Finally break 80

It’s ok if you want to be a selfish **** and not tell your golf buddies, we understand!

Don’t delay and start practice putting like a pro today!

You deserve it!

Oh and… Happy Birthday Mr. Player!

Indoor Practice Putting Greens