Indoor Golf Greens | Home or Office

Indoor Golf Greens used to be either just something for the wealthy or simply not realistic enough to gain any valuable putting practice.

The developments in putting turf technology used for indoor greens has changed both factors and now you can own a green for a fraction of the previous prices and drastically improve your short game.

At Pro Putt Systems we are in the process of changing the indoor golf industry, one green at a time.

High Value Combined with Great Quality

We chose to bring only the highest quality components to the market when we were conceiving our first greens. We researched putting turf suppliers, base panel materials and ALL of the competition.

Indoor Golf Green

We wanted to make sure we brought indoor golf to the next level in every possible way. That said, we chose Mirage TourPutt Ultimate turf. We were very familiar with Mirage as we had been building outdoor greens for nearly 10 years utilizing Mirage turf.

We didn’t just rest on that, we received samples of turf from 6 major suppliers and ran numerous tests to be sure that our previous belief in this putting turf wasn’t somehow shaded by our very positive experience in the past.

After all the tests including but hardly limited to, trueness of roll, how the turf accepts chip shots, overall durability, look and feel plus overall playability, we decided that there was nothing out there that matched Mirage.

The 10 Year Warranty that backs the putting turf is really a major distinction between us and others, as you look around, you will find most suppliers only offer a 3 year warranty some only 1 year. That didn’t make us very comfortable even considering marketing another manufacturer’s turf.

There are greens that are far less expensive than ours, no doubt about it. But, buying a $400 indoor golf green that only lasts 2 years and never provides for great putting practice, really doesn’t do you much good at all. Conversely, our greens will last for a decade and always provide for great practice, the turf keeps getting better with age.

It’s really impossible to argue that Mirage is the most realistic putting turf available. The key factor with Mirage turf is the LACK of SAND FILL. There are exceptional turf suppliers that rely on sand infill to make their greens function properly.

Golf Green for Indoor

A huge part of our thought process when considering materials was the idea that these greens are not just indoor greens they are also highly functional outdoor greens as well. If the materials lacked in any way from a quality standpoint this simply could not be realized. We are confident that your putting green will be just as great and last just as long outdoor as it will indoor.

Simple and Easy Indoor Golf

An important aspect of our beginning thoughts was the idea that we could create a high quality indoor golf green that could be created in our facility and then delivered to the customer who can then set the green up with ease, usually in less than 20 minutes.

Previously, the installation of and indoor golf green very much resembled the outdoor business. An installer needed to come to the home and install. No longer is this the case, anyone can install their own green now with ease and you won’t even need to own a single tool.

Perfecting Your Putting Stroke

We love golf and we wanted to be absolutely positive that we are supplying a great golf practice device.

Achieving a perfect putting stroke is something that requires years of practice. You don’t need to be a Tour Player to be a great putter either. Golf has developed in recent years to the point where there are some really good players that….just play for fun.

Entertainment Value

Kids Love Indoor Golf GreensFun, this is almost as important as any other factor. We wanted to bring greens into the marketplace that were both Great Practice Aids but also very enjoyable. Kids love them, and the whole family can get significant enjoyment from an indoor golf green and they can do it on a rainy day, winter snowy day, early in the morning and late at night.

I had visited a home with an indoor green a few years earlier, the green looked ok, it was certainly better than anything I had seen in the past but, the guy didn’t let his kids play on it. We really wanted to make sure that we were supplying a level of quality that could withstand use, a lot of use, even from kids!

Our putting greens become centerpieces in homes for entertaining.

The Office

Indoor greens aren’t just for the home either. They have become very popular in offices throughout the country.

They are also wildly popular in places where, people have to wait. Doctor’s offices, auto dealerships and the like are now realizing the value in indoor golf.

Trade Shows

The trade show industry has realized the benefits of indoor putting as well. Take a stroll around any major trade show and more often than not you will find companies using portable greens as marketing tools and lead generation tools. Smart companies by the way.

First Class Customer Service

When you order a golf green from Pro Putt Systems, we can assure you that your request will be handled with care. We love designing custom greens. So much that we are insanely fair when it comes to the price you will pay for our custom greens.

We believe that part of customer service has to do with delivering value. That’s how we would want to be treated and we know that you would expect nothing less.

So, now you know a little bit more about our philosophy and how we expect to change indoor golf for the better!

Indoor Golf Greens by Pro Putt Systems