Sure, you’ve tried numerous golf affiliate programs, e-books, swing videos, amazon stuff, training aids you would never consider using yourself. You’ve also seen those conversion rates on those products. Pretty dismal stuff. Once you did convert on one of those products, the payout was pretty disappointing.

Let’s move to a product that every golfer wants and the golfers who don’t want it simply don’t know about it yet and once they do, they’ll want it too.

We apologize, the Pro Putt Systems affiliate program is closed to new applicants.


As an affiliate you will enjoy healthy commissions for promoting Pro Putt Systems golf greens.

About your site:

If we can take one look at your site and tell that you don’t really care about your appearance, we won’t approve your site.

If you have not posted any new content in the preceding 60 days, we won’t approve your site.

If your site appears to have invalid or misleading claims, particularly when it comes to fake testimonials, we will NOT approve your site.

New sites that appear to have unique and compelling content are just fine, we are far more concerned with the experience your reader has on your site, than the amount of traffic to your site. We reserve the right to decline any affiliate applications for any reason at any time.

Custom Green Commissions:

Initially we had no plans to open Custom Greens to the program however, we have decided we will open custom greens up to affiliates.

These greens are being very well received, our attention to quality and fair custom pricing is the reason why. Custom is a Real Golf Marketing Opportunity for you, if you are accepted for the program, you’ll appreciate the possibilities.


Other programs in our field play a bit of a trick on you. They accept affiliate traffic and then they require the customer to pay by check. This obviously circumvents you and your tracking information. Pro Putt Systems always requires each customer pay at least a $50 amount by credit card, even if they are paying the balance by check.

We then match up the order with your account and notify you immediately, this way you will receive all the credit you deserve for each sale.


  • The highest affiliate commissions in golf
  • Commissions not less than $80.00 and as high as $450.00 per sale
  • MULTI-LEVEL commissions
  • Commissions on Pre-Packaged and Custum Greens
  • Numerous creative options
  • Easy to use affiliate dashboard
  • 90 Day cookies
  • Affiliate only promotions and coupon codes
  • 4 hour site approvals
  • Redirect and Pretty Link compatible links