Speed Trap 2.0


Hit it longer! Hit a Draw! Hit a Cut! 

Golfers have a hard time learning how to work the ball, and they struggle with how to flight the ball the way they wish they could.

This upgraded version of Speed Trap 2.0 is built with higher-grade materials. You’ll love these upgrades to this vital full swing training aid. 

**Works for both right-handed and left-handed golfers**

What’s the difference between the Speed Trap 2.0 and the original?

– Wider swing line path, to make it easier to train with your Driver

–  Rod Tethers – in case you hit a guide rod it will stay close and not go flying

– Larger, more secure velcro to keep the rods in place over-and-over again

– Longer slot to give more room for you to properly “trap” the ball

– Brighter alignment stripe so it is easier to see the intended line of attack

– Zippered carry bag for easy storage between workouts

– Complete with training videos at your fingertips with a QR Code right on the packaging

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