TOMI PRO – Putting Feedback Device (DISCONTINUED)


Computerized Putting Feedback

The TOMI PRO or The Optimal Motion Instructor will help you hone the perfect stroke. Unlock facts about your putting stroke that you would have no way of being aware of without a high quality machine like the TOMI.


The TOMI measures and provides feedback on 8 key aspects of the putting stroke: 

  1. Alignment at Address
  2. Shaft Angle
  3. Stroke Path and Rotation
  4. Stroke Tempo
  5. Speed at Impact
  6. Path at Impact
  7. Impact Spot
  8. Alignment at Impact

Works perfectly with any size Pro Putt Systems putting green, or you can take it to the course and use it on the practice area.

If you’re serious about hitting more putts, you have found your solution.

TOMI w Case


Putting Styles

TOMI Pro works with any putting style

Style of Putter

The TOMI Pro will work with any USGA conforming putter

What TOMI Captures

Tempo, Speed at Impact, Shaft Angle, Stroke Path and Rotation, Path at Impact, Spot of Impact, Alignment at Impact, Alignment at Address

Set Up Time

20 minutes

Baseline Putt Distance

TOMI works well for many length putts but the standard is 8′ to 10′

Is this the full TOMI?

Yes, this is the TOMI PRO version, not the base version which used to be available

Add Chipping Pad
Add Chipping Mat
Add Automatic Ball Return - Robo Cup