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Ultimate Putting Trainer

The Ultimate Putting Trainer has arrived! We have to thank our customers for this model, we received numerous requests over recent weeks for a green of this size and price range.

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This green is purely designed to improve your putting skills from within 10 feet and eliminate 3 putts. You’ll learn how to repeat your putting stroke and drain those 4 and 5 foot birdie and par putts consistently.

The location of the slightly offset cup in the middle of the green is perfectly located for approximately 200 degrees of short putting drills commonly known as “Around the World”. Tiger credits his putting prowess to this well known putting drill.

Ultimate Putting Trainer

The Ultimate Putting Trainer

The Ultimate Putting Trainer measures just shy of 12 feet long and 6 feet wide. A Perfect size for any location in your home. The width of the green will allow for two golfers to be putting simultaneously.

The Ultimate Putting Drill: Take 10 golf balls and place them in a circle approximately 3 to 5 feet away from the center cup. Don’t leave the green until you have hit 10 in a row from these vital distances. Some days it will take 5 minutes and some days it will take 2 hours. Don’t hit them all from the same spot, placing them in a circle with a fresh pre-putt routine on each putt is the key!

Artificially pressuring yourself to hit these 10 putts in a row will simulate the pressure of a birdie putt!

You can also choose to add 2 feet to your Ultimate Training Aid with our optional + 2 program.

The Ultimate Putting Aid

You can add 2′ at check out!

Want a little more room? Take a look at the Ultimate Putting Trainer’s “Big Brother”. It’s called the Golf Shop Model and is extended 2′ in both directions!

The Ultimate Putting Trainer Details

Total Square Feet:   70.0

Longest Putting Distance:   10′

Longest Chipping Distance:   15′

Number of Cups:   5

Pins:  Included

Depth of Cups:   2.625″

Suggested Use:  Indoor / Outdoor

Putting Surface:   Mirage Tour Putt

Putting Turf Warranty:  10 Years


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The Ultimate Putting Trainer