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Tour Pro Model

While the Tour Pro is slightly smaller than its big brother the Executive Tour Pro don’t be fooled, it is maybe the most functional indoor / outdoor putting training device on the market!

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This was our original model and is incredibly popular for those who have average square footage for their indoor putting practice.

Portable Indoor Putting Green

Tour Pro Model Putting Green

The Tour Pro is highly functional, measuring 13′ 4″ and can handle putts of up to 12′ and chip shots of up to 20′ with our optional chipping pad.

This design can fit in practically any size room and is a favorite for offices and bedrooms or play rooms.

This putting green is perfect for indoor applications but don’t forget, all of our putting greens are made from the highest quality outdoor materials.

Tour Pro Model

Total Square Feet:   65.0

Longest Putting Distance:   12′

Longest Chipping Distance:   20′

Number of Cups:   4

Flags:  Included

Depth of Cups:   2.625″

Suggested Use:  Indoor / Outdoor

Putting Surface:   Mirage Tour Putt

Putting Turf Warranty:  10 Years

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L Shaped Putting Green

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