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Base Panel Layout for this Putting Green

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The Green Monster, the name pretty much says it all. Our most enormous pre-packaged putting green is the result of popular demand for a huge home and/or commercial putting green.

Families are finding the large, do it yourself putting green a must as well. This putting green can handle a few golfers of all ages and the flexibility of being able to move the green from place to place around the yard and inside the home is always a popular feature.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in professional putting surfaces, featuring the best putting turf ON EARTH, the Green Monster from Pro Putt Systems is your only choice.

If you’re looking for the ultimate indoor / outdoor AND portable putting green…you found it. Serious golfers will get years of great practice from this beautiful and highly functional putting green.

Popular Option: Make the Green Monster a Rectangle Version and fill a full 10’x20′ footprint only $299 see below…


Total Square Feet


Longest Putting Distance


Longest Chipping Distance


Number of Cups




Depth of Cups


Suggested Use

Indoor / Outdoor

Putting Surface

Mirage Tour Putt

Putting Turf Warranty

10 Years

Shipping Weight

435 lbs


Make it A Rectangle!

SKU: 10x20GM.
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Good morning Brett. I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the putting green I received from Pro Putt Systems last fall. I struggled with my putting last year and was determined to practice throughout the winter with hopes of improving this aspect of my golf game for the spring 2013 season. I found your system to be easy to install and of incredibly high quality. I use your green for putting and chipping practice and I have seen great improvements over the winter. The green is very realistic and comparable to my home course greens. I would highly recommend your product for any golfer interested in honing their skills on the putting green when the weather does not allow outside practice. Thanks again for the great product!

- Marty Measamer, MBA, CPA

I ordered a 3×15 strip of putting turf from East Coast Synthetic Turf and was pleasantly surprised at how realistic it is. I measured its speed with a homemade stimpmeter and the average distance I came up with was around 10-11 feet, which is excellent as most of the public courses near me have similar speed greens. Also, when chipping, the ball reacts true and spins or rolls depending on the type of shot you hit. The back of the turf is designed to hold against the floor and the edges do not roll up. Also, the appearance is excellent. It really does look like a real green! Overall, I’m thoroughly impressed and will look to East Coast Synthetic for all my future home turf needs, as should you!

- Lance – Las Vegas, NV

I have been working on my golf room for some time and the only missing piece was the perfect putting green. I searched for a while and discovered your site. I found the website useful and informative. Your product is exceptional and your service is just as good. You guys have something to be proud of and you could teach a few other companies a thing or two about how to treat people and deliver what they promise. Keep up the good work.

- Jake – Michigan

Thank You guys so much! We have had our green set up for a while now and everyone, I mean everyone loves it. My husband uses it every day and my kids love it too. Our best friends are huge golfers and they are jealous to the bone, they came over the other night and we spent our entire evening around the green. You guys are awesome and we really appreciate all your help. We will be letting people know about you guys as much as possible.

- Liz – Maryland

Thanks for staying in touch with me, I have been meaning to send you a thank you note. I absolutely love the putting green. As you know this is my second indoor green and the first shot was less than desirable. Thank you for essentially cleaning up the mess that the other company made in my basement! Given that experience I had with , I wasn’t very “easy to deal with” as you might say. I really do appreciate your work to finally get me an actual realistic putting green. I wish I had found your company two years ago, you would have saved me a lot of money and unnecessary time.

- Milton – Massachusetts

Our company CEO is very pleased with his putting green in his executive suite. So pleased, that he wants one outdoors at his house! Let me know how we can make this happen? Thanks.

- Joseph – Martin, TN

My husband and I would like to take this opportunity to express our greatest appreciation for the custom green you made for our son. It is phenomenal! The construction is top notch. The speed, bounce and overall quality of the surface is so realistic. It truly makes you feel as if you were on a country club green! I cannot say enough about your attention to detail and professional service. Everyone who has visited our home has been so impressed with the green and the chipping mat. The only problem is that we are having a hard time getting our son to complete his schoolwork! Every waking minute is spent putting and chipping! We have and will continue to highly recommend your company.

- Jenny – North Carolina

For anyone looking to improve their game, I cannot say enough about the quality of the green I recently purchased from Pro Putt Systems. I purchased this green for an indoor practice facility we set up to survive the long New England winters. It was the third green we added to the facility, with the other two being purchased from a different company. After putting on the Pro Putt Systems green for two days, I placed an order for another green. The roll and speed is consistent with the quality courses we play. It is definitely more realistic than either of the two greens I purchased from the other company. It is exactly what I had hoped for and more.

- Brian – Claremont, NH

Good to hear from you, sorry it took so long to get back to you…the green is simply terrific, I could not be happier with looks, quality and playability. It is a really great product, kudos.

- Bill – Idaho

I must say it is rare in today’s market place that a product meets expectations let alone exceeds expectations but I must say the Pro Putt System has exceeded my expectations in many areas; appearance, realistic feel and quality. It is a very good product and I am very pleased with it. I really cannot think of any suggestions for you, it was very easy to install, in fact the quality of the pieces and the fit of each piece is very good. Again thanks for all your help and for being so responsive to my questions and concerns.

- Sam – Alexandria, VA – U.S. Golf Teachers Federation – Licensed Instructor

…thanks again, you have been so helpful and I will say that the customer service and help that you have provided has been amazing and you have made everything so easy. Thank you!

- Amy – Massachusetts

NOTHING and I mean NOTHING even came close to the quality and customer service! Their responses to questions were quick, friendly and extremely helpful. The time invested in designing your particular model is unparalleled. The folks at Pro Putt Systems will go the extra length to make sure you are completely happy and I could not be more thankful to them for taking the time to get our model just right.

- Rene – Virginia