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Putting Drills – Speed Control and Short Putt Consistency

Indoor Putting Drills

Putting Drills, they sound so boring, so mundane, that most people don’t do them to improve their putting stroke. Well, the fact is, if you’re not doing putting drills, you are costing yourself shots. Everybody knows that golf is more enjoyable when you play better and score better. People that are serious about their golf game are always trying to break some scoring mark or move their handicap index to a lower number, maybe you just want to beat a long time nemesis (aka golf buddy). Putting drills are the quickest way to minimize those annoying misses and most importantly; putting drills will…

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Indoor Putting Green Design

Indoor Green Designs

So, you know you want a putting green for your home, golf team, putting studio or office. But, our standard models don’t quite fit your space perfectly. Well, we want your green to be perfect so, we’re here to help you get what you want. We put a lot of thought into our standard models, they’re designed to be short game practice machines. We’ve listened to our customers through the years and in many cases the standard models work well. But, you may not know that over 60% of the greens we ship have some level of customization. Want to add or remove a hole? No…

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Which True Strike Do I Need?

True Strike Golf Mats

The most common questions we get in regard to True Strike is: Which True Strike Mat do I need? In case you’re not familiar with True Strike Golf Mats, lets first give you  a quick rundown on what a True Strike mat is and how it differs from other golf mats. The secret is a gel bag integrated into the hitting area where you’d hit all of your iron shots from. You never see it because it is built into the mat and underneath a very tough, woven strike surface. Most turf is “tufted” but this strike surface is “woven” so…

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College Indoor Golf Facilities – Now a Necessity

college golf room

As I write this it’s 29 degrees outside and needless to say, there won’t be any golf played in the Northern US today. Or will there? If you’re a student athlete at a school where the Athletic Director has had the foresight to build an indoor practice facility, there sure will be golf played today, or practiced at the very least. College Financing Available – Learn More Colleges and Universities around the Northern United States are aggressively building indoor practice facilities which are proving to keep their golf teams sharp and keep their spring scores lower than ever. Recruiting Top…

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Golf Rooms: The Ultimate Addict Man Cave

golf room and man cave

Ten years ago the idea of a golf room in your home was almost unthinkable. The expense and aggravation of creating a platform for placing putting turf on was a bit much for the average golf addict. Besides you can just go to the range or stay late at your club on the putting green….but you rarely did and your short game continued to lag. How long are you going to continue missing 6 footers? We all know how important putting is to the overall score that goes on the card. We all know how important those little shots around…

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Anchored Putting Rule

Anchored Putting Grip

It appears as though the anchored putting debate has finally been put to bed (or has it). The USGA and R and A announced a joint effort to ban a putting stroke which utilizes anchoring against the body, above the forearm. The ban, or proposed rule change 14-1b, as it’s being called, is currently in a 90 day waiting period in order to listen to the golfing community and to be sure that valid arguments don’t exist which they hadn’t considered. At Pro Putt Systems, frankly we love the proposed ban (from a business standpoint) as it will cause serious…

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Scramble to Make Money Putts


We all wish we could hit a high draw 6 iron 210 yards. We all wish we had Phil Mickelson’s miracle flop or Bubba’s 360 yard drives. The reality is…we can’t and the majority of us will never be able to practice enough or build the combo of flexibility + hand eye coordination to hit the ball like a Tour Player. Nope, it’s just not in the cards. There is something that we can all do which requires very little athletic ability and many have developed this skill to be almost as masterful as an average Tour Player. Short Putts,…

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The Best Golf Course On Earth – by Trump

golf course on the cliffs

Donald Trump’s New International Golf Links Aberdeenshire, Scotland I’ve had the chance to see Donald give a keynote speech on two occasions and here’s the deal, he knows far more about creating the worlds greatest golf course than he does about giving a great speech! Given the preliminary reviews and images of Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeen, Scotland it appears as though we may be witnessing a Masterpiece. The course will open to public play on July 1, 2012 If you’ve ever played a brand new golf course that hasn’t had the chance to grow into itself, you know…

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Test Yourself: The Ultimate Putting Drill

indoor golf putting green with chipping pad

Use your Ultimate Putting Trainer for this test! Take 10 golf balls and place them in a circle approximately 3 to 5 feet away from the center cup. Don’t leave the green until you have hit 10 in a row from these vital distances. Some days it will take 5 minutes and some days it will take 2 hours. Don’t hit them all from the same spot, placing them in a circle with a fresh pre-putt routine on each putt is the key! Suggested Reading: 7 Putting Drills to Avoid 3-Putts Add some break to your putts to raise the…

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The World’s Fastest Putting Greens

oakmont augusta logo

Fast and Furious: Who Has Golf’s Toughest Greens? Guest Post by Daniel Mitchell You think the greens on your home course are pretty fast, don’t you? You go around bragging about the latest double-digit Stimpmeter reading, telling everybody about that time the pro from the club next door racked up six four-putts, how you’ve seen guys knock 2-footers clear off the green. I’ve got news for you, buddy – you haven’t seen tough until you’ve putted the greens at Oakmont. I’m telling you, these greens are fast. (Obliging audience member: “How fast are they?”) Oakmont’s greens are so fast, they…

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Indoor Golf Greens | Home or Office


Indoor Golf Greens used to be either just something for the wealthy or simply not realistic enough to gain any valuable putting practice. The developments in putting turf technology used for indoor greens has changed both factors and now you can own a green for a fraction of the previous prices and drastically improve your short game. At Pro Putt Systems we are in the process of changing the indoor golf industry, one green at a time. High Value Combined with Great Quality We chose to bring only the highest quality components to the market when we were conceiving our…

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Simple Indoor Putting Drills

simple putting drill info

We want to take a moment and introduce our newest model, The Ultimate Putting Trainer. This putting green was the request of our customers who were in search of a high quality indoor putting system that allows for a number of various basic putting drills. This design is well on its way to becoming our hottest model! The design considers the simple putting drill that made Tiger the putter he was for so many years. Many people refer to this drill as “Around the World” the idea is that you would not leave the green until you were able to…

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Testimonial So Good We Made It A Post

cartoon golfers

Although my daughters have had clubs in their hands since they could literally stand, last year was our first year of actually competing in the Virginia State Golf Association Junior Tournaments. It was a tremendous experience! We had an opportunity to travel, play some great courses, and as an added bonus we met some incredible people along the way. One such person is Brett at Pro Putt Systems! As a parent of a young golfer certain memories stand out. Last year at the State Championship I remember coming into the turn and my daughter was only four strokes back. I…

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It’s All About the Turf

pro putt systems icon

When a discriminating golfer is seeking options for his or her indoor putting needs, the primary consideration should always be the turf. NEW! Now you can purchase our Award Winning Putting Turf in numerous pre-cut sizes  for DIY Projects. View the selection of pre-cut turf HERE. What is the best putting turf available? Can I get realistic practice on synthetic putting turf? Can I get outdoor quality turf for an indoor putting green? What is the most realistic putting turf on the market?   These are very popular questions here at Pro Putt Systems, so we wanted to take a…

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How Important Is Putting

3 putt license plate, never 3 putt again

We hope, desperately hope, that we don’t REALLY need to discuss the importance of putting, relevant to scoring in golf. But you know us, we’re going to anyway! I’ve heard it said: “Half of golf is fun; the other half is putting” Says who! I was watching the Australian Open last night when Adam Scott made one of the rarest shots in golf on a par 5, the Double Eagle, aka the Albatross, aka freakin’ nice shot, Mate! Or whatever our friends down under say. Given the rare nature of the shot, they showed him walk all the way up…

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Trade Show Putting Greens

putting green at a trade show

At Pro Putt Systems we want to officially announce our line of Trade Show Putting Greens. The trade show industry is enormous and companies are constantly looking for ways to get more “worthy” traffic to their booths. Engaging prospects with a dynamic, interactive booth is a great way to not only grow traffic but also engage in a unique way. Attract Entertain Convert Those first two are the main factors to building relationships at trade shows, the last is up to you. But, if you aren’t ATTRACTING and ENTERTAINING you’ll never get those conversions. There is an overwhelming fact, that…

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Is Your Green a Sand Trap?

sand filled greens

For years synthetic putting greens required messy sand dressing in order to function properly. Many people still believe that sand is required in order for your artificial putting green to function properly. Guess what! No sand here! Sand was great… in the 90’s, but here in the modern era you’ll no longer need messy sand to achieve great playability and top quality feel. The sand was required because nylon was used as the grass and the individual fibers were not dense enough to stand up on their own. In order to keep the individual strands of fiber from matting you…

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Pro Putt Systems Sponsors Junior Golf

national junior golf tournament logo

The Pro Putt Systems team is happy to announce our sponsorship of the National Junior Golf Tour! Junior golf is such an important factor when it comes to player development. Without the hard working people that run junior golf programs throughout the country we wouldn’t have world-class professional golf here in the United States. There is so much more to junior golf than just playing tournaments, today’s professional golfer needs a great network and the junior tours today are a vital component to building that network early on. College golf is making a big comeback and the experience that is…

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Indoor Practice Putting Greens

gary player

In honor of Gary Player’s Birthday and his famous quote: “The more I practice, the luckier I get” When we set out to make the best indoor practice putting greens on the market, we took a good look around at the competition. What we found appears to be some people selling putting greens that have never really practiced putting? Popular Article: 7 Putting Drills You can do at Home By the looks of the indoor practice greens out there, it really did look in most cases like the designer had never actually picked up a putter. Well, that’s odd? You…

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Portable Putting Greens from Pro Putt Systems

portable putting green duffel bag

Every good golfer knows that the number 1 way to lower your golf scores is to practice putting. Portable Indoor Putting Greens are a great way to develop your putting skills. At Pro Putt Systems each of our pre-packaged putting green models are completely portable. Our portable putting greens are designed to give you all the functionality of a traditional putting green in the comfort and warmth of your own home. There are companies that offer home putting greens in many shapes and sizes but you will find our portable indoor / outdoor putting greens are both beautiful and incredibly…

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Best Artificial Putting Greens

Pro Putt Systems is the marriage of the best available indoor putting green components available in the world today. Mirage International, which is known for the Best Artificial Putting Greens in Golf, have the most realistic roll on the market. Mirage Turf requires no sand infill and is warrantied for 10 full years against fading and degrading. Mirage TourPutt is available in numerous speeds ranging from 9 to 12 on the stimpmeter. The putting surface is so realistic the ball actually checks up just like a real bent grass green, there is simply no comparison to Mirage TourPutt. Mirage is only available from…

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