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Simply the Best Indoor Putting Greens

Best Indoor Putting Greens

Why is that? Three words: Turf, Turf and Turf.

“Nobody else is providing this level of quality and it’s really as simple as that.”


Pro Putt Systems has incorporated the finest materials for the best indoor putting greens available in the market today.

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The Best Indoor Greens

  • Best Rolling and Most Realistic Putting Surface in the World
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Incredible performance, the ball even checks up on chip shots just like a real bent grass putting green
  • Cost effective
  • Add any undulation you wish simply and easily
  • Completely portable, if you move, you can take your putting green with you
  • Custom indoor greens are no problem!

Awesome Indoor Greens

Literally thousands of shapes, sizes and layouts to choose from.

  • Many highly functional and well thought out “pre-packaged” indoor putting greens to choose from
  • Design your own indoor practice green and we will cut, package and ship your practice green to your door
  • COMPLETELY portable – you can literally box your green up and take it with you
  • All of our indoor practice greens are made from the Highest Quality Indoor and Outdoor rated materials, you could leave your green outside for months at a time
The Best Indoor Putting Greens

Ricky Barnes

When you choose Pro Putt Systems you will have the exact same practice putting surface in your home that has been chosen by numerous PGA Tour Professionals and PGA Teaching Professionals alike.

  • Cost effective because we don’t pay for endorsements from a putting guru
  • We buy materials in bulk so we can help you save money
  • These indoor putting greens are not toys, they are made from the best materials available in the world
Custom Golf Room

Let us build your Ultimate Golf Room!

Drive for Show and Putt for Dough

Every serious golfer knows that Putting is the Key to Lower Scores.

  • Great for young golfers to learn putting
  • Build up your putting skills during winter months
  • Great for warming up before you leave for the course
  • Blow your friends away by actually draining those birdie attempts

Best Indoor Putting GreensPro Putt Systems is a Division of East Coast Synthetic Turf, LLC. We have nearly 10 years of experience creating beautiful putting greens.

We are serious golfers who know that serious players want the best indoor putting greens available.

We also know that regardless of how great the materials are, you won’t waste your money. Finally there is an option in the world of indoor putting that combines the absolute best turf with the best base system at a great value.

“Through a Dealership agreement with TourLinks and Creative Sports Concepts and our existing agreement with Mirage Turf International we have created the absolute best indoor putting systems in the world.

TourLinks Base PanelsTourLinks is known for having the best available technology for solving the age old problem – lifting the turf off the ground so the ball actually drops into the cup.

Mirage Turf International is known for inventing the best Artificial Putting Surface. Mirage TourPutt is the choice of companies such as PING and many PGA Tour Professionals like Ricky Barnes.”

Our top rated indoor putting greens are available pre-packaged, with numerous designs to choose from or you can choose to design your own custom indoor putting green both of which will arrive at your door step ready to assemble.

Best Indoor Putting Greens

Executive Tour Pro Model Putting green

Pro Putt Systems are easy to install and will have all the usability that you would expect in the best indoor putting green system.

When we began researching indoor practice putting greens we discovered a few inherent issues with the existing putting greens available on the market:

  • Great base systems with sub-par putting surface
  • Great putting surfaces with ¬†sub-par base systems
  • Poor design and usability
  • Over priced putting systems that delivered very low value
  • Cheap and flimsy construction

It just didn’t make any sense that nobody had incorporated the best of both worlds in an indoor putting green.

We changed all that when we launched Pro Putt Systems.

Major Champion Model Putting Green
The Masters Model Putting Green
The Green Monster Model Putting Green
Executive Tour Pro Model
Tour Pro Model Putting Green
Design Your Own Custom Putting Green


Pro Putt Systems – The Best Indoor Putting Greens